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Create an Employee

How to create an employee and assign information

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From within Projects > Employees you can enter the personal data of employees or subcontractors who will be entering their time, mileage and expenses relating to the the activities performed for each project they work on.

To create a new employee click on the New employee button and enter:

  • Name and address and email details of the employee

  • Group to associate the Employee

  • Access - Open or Barred (if the employee is barred no information can be entered against this employee)

  • Type - Time logger or Project Manager, a Project Manager can also raise invoices should the box be ticked.

  • Can approve - If this box is ticked the employee can authorize the daily time reports. Only authorized daily reports can be billed.

  • Can invoice - This box should be ticked if the person created is allowed to raise sales invoices.

  • User ID - by creating a user ID the employee can then access the system and enter their own time, mileage and expenses.

  • Cut off date - a date can be entered in order for the sales and cost price 'after' can be applied. This is useful if a salary increase has taken place during the year. If this doesn't apply then leave this area blank.

  • Sales price before - enter the hourly sales price of your employee so, the price you will be charging your customer. You can enter a revised price in Sales price after if you have entered a cut off date.

  • Cost price before - enter the hourly cost price of your employee, again, you can enter a cost price in the Cost price after if you have entered a cut off date.

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