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Project - Employee Time entries
Project - Employee Time entries

How to enter employee time against a project

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Employees can enter the time spent on Projects, allocate to a specific activity, enter a description and notify if mileage is also to be charged.

To do this, simply click on the Projects > Employees > click on the far right menu against the employee Collaborators menu and click on the Time icon.

This opens the calendar, select New entry

You can the enter the details as follows:

  • Date of the hours worked

  • Number of hours worked on a certain project

  • Select the Project, the name will also appear in the box below as confirmation)

  • Select the Activity, this is the type of work carried out within the project, again the activity name will appear in the box below for confirmation.

  • Description, the activity carried out will automatically appear in this box, you can add more detail which maybe helpful.

  • Mileage - if mileage has been incurred you can tick the mileage box. This will then prompt a diary notification within the Mileage entry screen to be completed at a later date.

  • Save or Save and new to continue entering.

Once the times have been entered they will need to be approved.

You can also view the monthly time sheet by clicking on the month concerned and the selecting Monthly time sheet. At the end of each month you can Submit each month and view in the Submission log. The time entries will still appear within the Project card should you decide not to use the submission process.

The entries can then be approved by the line manager or a user that has been given access to approve entries.

The Project card and can be viewed with approved or non approved hours worked.

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