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Allocating costs and revenue to a project
Allocating costs and revenue to a project

How to allocate costs and revenue against a project

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When processing a supplier invoice the costs can be allocated to a specific project or split between several. Likewise when creating a sales invoice these can also be allocated to a project and/or charges from the project card, time, expenses etc applied to the customers invoice.

Let's look at both.

Supplier invoices

  • Suppliers > New entry

  • Enter supplier, date, amount

  • Leave the finance line blank

  • Select a Project along with a cost type

  • If the invoice relates to several projects you can enter a new project line

  • save


To allocate sales to a project:

  • Go to Sales > invoices > new invoice invoices

  • Enter all the data relating to the sales invoice (Customer, date, payment terms etc.

  • Select the product and enter the price, and then click on the + of the Project field to enter the reference project.

You can also transfer time, costs and mileage to the customers invoice.

Click on Transfer time all the approved hours worked on the project selected will appear, select the hours you wish to charge by ticking the left hand side box and click Transfer time:

This box will appear, you can select the product from your product list you wish to charge the hours to. Should there be several lines of activity you can consolidate to one line, include dates, give subtotals, etc.

You can also do the same with the costs and mileage, the same product code selection box will appear as above.

Once your sales invoice is booked, the sales amount will appear in the project card and the individual hours and costs will have the classification invoiced against them.

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