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Create a Main Project or Sub-Project
Create a Main Project or Sub-Project

How to create a main and sub-project

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To create a main or sub-project click on Projects > new project.

Working on the General screen first:-

No. - enter a project number, if you have selected Automatic numbering proposal within Project setup a number will already be entered.

  • Group - select a Project group

  • Name - give your project a name

  • Customer - select the customer you will be charging from your customer list

  • Fixed price - is the fixed selling price that will be taken into consideration in some statistics

  • Project description - indicate a description of the project

  • Main project - tick the box only if it is a project linked to other sub-projects

  • Linked to the main project - select the main project to link in the case of a two-level project, so that the linked project becomes the sub-project.

  • Your Reference - clients reference can be created and entered here

  • Responsible - employee responsible for the project, normally a project manager

  • Other responsible - select, if required another colleague responsible for the project

  • Delivery location - create and select a delivery location should this be required

  • Delivery date - anticipated or agreed completion date

Working on the Additional screen:-

  • Access - Open, allows postings, barred is blocked to any postings.

  • Exclude from searches - normally ticked once barred

  • Invoice mileage - tick to allow mileage to be charged

  • Mileage - a set number of miles can be entered here should this be fixed.

A list of main projects and subprojects can be selected, if you click on the Main Projects screen and click on the + placed next to the name of the project the sub-projects linked to the main project will appear.

To the far right of each project are various icons:-

  • Edit - enables you to edit the Project details

  • Sub-projects - lists the sub-projects linked to the main project

  • Special prices - specific prices can be aligned to activities within the project

  • Project card - lists all transactions linked to the project, also shows costs, mark-up, sales price and whether the item charged to the project has been invoiced:

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