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Invoicing clients from the Project card
Invoicing clients from the Project card

How to invoice a customer from the Project card activity

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The projects we create in Reviso can be invoiced directly to our customers based on the time/hours spent on the project, the costs involved and even the mileage.

In order to bill your customers with the data registered in each of the projects, it is necessary that the project is linked to a specific customer.

When you create your Project you will need to link it to a customer within the box shown....

To raise an invoice based on the charges applied to the Project card go to Sales > locate the customer > click on the More option to the left and select Project...

Click on the Invoice option and select invoice, the system will give you today's date..

When the invoice entry screen appears click on Project to see the options for charging...

You will see the entries to charge to the invoice, make your selection by ticking the box to the left and then click on Transfer time you can then do the same for costs and mileage....

Click on Transfer to Product no. and make your selection, if you have more than one entry you can select to consolidate etc and save these settings should you so wish, when ready click ok...

The charges will then appear in the body of the invoice...

You can add additional lines if required and edit the line created. When you're ready you can book and send the invoice. Once the invoice is booked the items will be posted as a permanent entry to the Project card.

If you have made a mistake and wish to delete the draft invoice invoice you have created any time or costs etc that you transferred to the invoice will automatically go back to the list to await when you next invoice, this can only be achieved when the invoice is in draft format.

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