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How to create activities

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Prior to creating activities you will need to ensure your activity groups have been created.

Once your groups have been created you can start adding your activities relating to the projects you will be working on.

Activities are located via Projects > Other setup > Activities.

Click on New activity and enter the following:

  • No. - enter an activity number

  • Group - select a Group you need the activity linked to

  • Name - enter the name of the activity

  • Cut-off date - if you have a sales price that needs adjusting after a specific date you enter the date here. this is not mandatory.

  • Sales price before - enter the sales price prior to the cut-off date. please note that the price entered here will override any sales price you have for employee hours charged.

  • Sales price after - enter the sales price after the cut-off date. The same principle applies, overriding any sales price entered for employee hours charged.

  • Cost price markup - should you wish to markup the cost price to the client then you can add a percentage here.

  • In-lieu code - if you have setup time off in lieu for your employees who have worked extra hours you can enter the code created here. This would normally only be used for internal activities.

  • Access - open, can be used or barred cannot be used. Default is open.

  • Hide in search - normally only ticked if the activity is barred.

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