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Create a purchase order from a sales order
Create a purchase order from a sales order

How to create a purchase order based on a sales order

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Companies will sometimes wait until they receive the sales order before they place the order with their suppliers for the goods. This could be for various reasons, the main on being not tying up funds in slow moving stock or not having sufficient space to house certain goods.

In our system you can raise a sales order and then convert into a supplier purchase order.

Firstly raise your sales order and confirm sent status by either emailing the order to your customer or registering it as sent.

Your order is visible in the viewing panel, select the order, click on Other options >

select Convert to supplier order:-

This box will appear, you can create a new PO and save any delivery instructions or, link the item to an existing PO ticking the box, clicking on the dropdown, locate the current order and click ok.

Confirmation is then shown in the Supplier order column:-

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