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Create a sales order
Create a sales order

A sales order can be created and email to your customer, once confirmed you can then converted into an invoice.

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The sales order entry screen is very similar the sales invoice screen however, it doesn't affect the financials of the system until it's been converted into an invoice and booked.

To create a sales order click on New order.

  • Select the customer or, use the option to create a new customer

  • Check the date as the system will always show the current date

  • You can enter a delivery date if required, payments terms and the currency can be changed if you are invoicing in a different currency to your base currency.

  • Select the product/services your customer has ordered, entering the price if this has not been entered when the product was originally created.

  • You can apply a discount and enter further product lines if required.

  • When finished you can select to show your order, this enables you to view prior to sending out to your customer.

  • When you're ready you can click Send a popup box appears with your customers email address, if no email address was entered when the customer was created you can add one here.

  • By emailing out this registers the status of the order as Sent and provides a copy within the Archive section.

  • Once the customer has confirmed the order is good you can then convert the order to an invoice. Once the order has been converted to an invoice you can still add additional lines should you need to prior to emailing out to the customer.

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