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Create a quotation
Create a quotation

Create a sales quotation and email out to your customer

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From the Sales > Quotations section it is possible to:

View the list of "Quotations in progress", ie quotations that have not yet been converted into orders or invoices. Once the quote is converted into an order or invoice it will no longer be visible in this list;

To create a new quotation from the Sales -> Quotations menu, click on the New Quotation button.

In the quote, you can specify the following information:

  • The customer, the address, the place of delivery of the products

  • the date of the estimate

  • the payment deadline,

  • the numerical series to be used when the quote will be converted into an invoice

  • additional notes and attach a scanned document

  • a product code or just a description

  • the quantity of the product

  • the unit of measure your product/services are sold in

  • the unit price

Once complete, you have various options:-

  • Send - Quotation can be emailed out to the customer or, registered as Sent this retains a copy of the quotation within the Archive section of the system

  • Save and New - enables you to save the current quotation and move on to entering a new one

  • Convert to order - converts your quotation to a sales order

  • Convert to invoice - converts your quotation to an invoice

  • Show - shows the layout of your quotation

  • Close - this will close down the quotation screen, if your order has not been saved you will lose the current quotation you are working in

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