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How to create a purchase order for a stock item

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Purchase orders can only be created when the Inventory module has been activated. Also, your supplier needs to be linked to a supplier group with inventory withdrawal.

If you have yet to complete this process please go to Inventory - Supplier groups

to see how to link your suppliers.

Assuming that this has been done, all stock suppliers will be listed in Inventory > Suppliers > Suppliers tab, and it will only be possible to create purchase orders for those suppliers registered within this list.

To raise a purchase order go to Inventory > Purchases > Purchase order > New Purchase order:-

  • Add supplier - select your supplier

  • Layout and date - a default PO layout will automatically be selected which you can change, the system will always show todays date

  • Delivery - details can be added here

  • Notes & references - details can also be added here

  • New line - select the product to order, quantity and the cost price

  • Show order - this will allow you to view the PO prior to registering/emailing out to your supplier

  • Send purchase order - this allows you to email out to your supplier

  • click on Send as email, this opens the boxes enabling you to create and save a generic message, alternatively you can Register as sent, both options will save your PO and a copy will be retained in the system.

  • Your PO is then listed, confirming it has been sent, and the receipt of the goods has yet to happen.

If you check the product within the Product list, you will see the ordered quantity showing in the Ordered column. If you have several orders you can click on the number and it will show you all orders making up this total.

Once the order has been receipted the quantity of the order is transferred from the Ordered column to the In stock column.


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