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How to create and link your suppliers to Inventory withdrawal

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In order to raise a purchase order for an Inventory listed product you need to create a supplier group that's linked to Inventory withdrawal. You then link your supplier to this group. Once linked when you raise the purchase order the full inventory list can then be viewed enabling you to select the product and raise the order.

To create your group go to Inventory > Suppliers > Supplier groups > new group

Within the General settings enter:

  • Enter a group number

  • Enter a group name, for example Inventory suppliers

  • Account - this should be your creditor control account, if you have a default chart of accounts this will be 2100

  • Number series - you can create a new number series for stock transactions or go with the number series for supplier invoices.

  • Save

Within the Inventory settings enter:

  • Tick the box Access from Inventory

  • Tick each box below each section unless you have specified a nominal within your chart of accounts to capture the markups etc.

  • Save

When you then create a supplier you wish to raise a purchase order for Inventory you must link the supplier to the Inventory supplier group you have just created.

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