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Enter an Inventory supplier invoice
Enter an Inventory supplier invoice

How to enter a supplier invoice containing stock items

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Providing the Inventory module has been activated you can enter and post supplier invoices containing stock items which will update your product list accordingly.

You can process the supplier invoice in two areas. The first area is via the Inventory tab > purchases > supplier invoices. If you have raised a purchase order you can link the purchase order to the supplier invoice and receipt the goods at the same time.

If you have not created a purchase order for an item you can also process an Inventory supplier invoice via Suppliers > supplier invoices, this way will still update the stock and bypass the purchase order stage should you so wish.

To process a supplier invoice that relates to a purchase order, go to Inventory > purchases > supplier invoice > New invoice :-

  • Select your supplier

  • Enter the invoice date, invoice number, also check the vat code is correct for the invoice you are processing

  • If you have raised a purchase order click on the link Transfer and link from purchase order/receipt

  • all outstanding PO's relating to the selected supplier will appear, if you place a tick in the right hand box the total of the order will appear, if you are receiving and being invoiced for a part order enter the number of units

  • click on Transfer to supplier invoice

  • The screen will change back to the supplier invoice entry screen:-

  • Check that all agrees with the invoice, you can enter a new line should the invoice include other goods not on a PO or delivery charges etc.

  • When complete you can book your invoice, your stock will automatically update

  • If the PO has completed fulfilled it will be removed from the PO screen, if it's been partially fulfilled your PO screen will show Partial in the receipt column against the PO.

To enter your inventory supplier invoices via the Suppliers > Supplier invoices > click new entry:-

  • Select the supplier

  • Enter the invoice number, if required you can change the number series, enter the booking date and date of the invoice, followed by the amount.

  • The creditor line will automatically appear with the total invoice value in the credit column (if you are processing a credit note the total amount will appear in the debit column

  • Product No. - select the product number, enter the location (if required) enter the appropriate vat code, enter the quantity and the unit price

  • The vat will be calculated and show for each line

  • When complete you are ready to book

The product ledgercards will be updated accordingly and your balance sheet Inventory account will show the net value of the invoice.

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