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Enter a purchase credit note
Enter a purchase credit note

How to enter a post a purchase credit note

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Until the booking of an invoice is confirmed, it is possible to make any type of change or to completely eliminate the entry by deleting it. Once the booking has been confirmed, the invoice can no longer be deleted or modified and if a correction needs to be made, an adjustment operation can be created by creating a credit note with one click. Alternatively, you can enter a credit note from the supplier entry screen. We will look at both here. Firstly, reversing a posted entry:

By accessing the Purchases \ Purchase invoices section from the main menu bar, locate the invoice to be corrected checking for Booked status. Click on the "Invert" icon far right against the transaction you wish to reverse. This will create a reversal of the original entry as a draft which can then be posted.

And now we will look at entering a purchase credit note:

Manual registration

To register a purchase credit note to use specific numerical series "NCA - Note from supplier credit" already pre configured or create a new one with type " Purchase Invoice "

Click on New invoice the credit invoice creation function is the same as processing a supplier invoice however, the total amount must be entered prefixed by the minus sign:-

All other fields are entered as follows...

  • the supplier

  • the invoice number

  • the specific number series

  • the booking date (this relates to the accounting period and the VAT accounting date

  • the invoice date

  • the total amount preceded by the minus sign

  • the method of payment

  • the counterpart account

  • the VAT code

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