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How to create a Company from within your Administrator Module
How to create a Company from within your Administrator Module

Create companies from within your admin module and apply default setups etc

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How to register a company in the administrator module?

To register a new company go to Administrator > Company, where you find the option New company.

business information

By clicking on this option, a window, where you can fill in all the necessary information, appears. You can always edit the information later on.

Here you can read about some of the required information in more detail:

  • Paid by: Here you can decide, who will pay for the subscription of Reviso if you as an accountant or your customer. The invoice will be received by anyone defined in this section.

  • Subscription: As an administrator, you have two options to manage the company. The first option is internal management when your customer does not know Reviso or does not have access to it. Secondly, it is possible to work collaboratively. Your customer has an access to Reviso and he/she can be part of the company management such as sales invoices, or anything else you agree on.

  • Default setup: Choose a setting for your company to establish a default setting regarding your accounting, VAT codes, customer groups, etc.
    We recommend you to choose the basic configuration for SMEs.
    If you have previously established a few other companies and want to use the same accounting plan, VAT codes, groups, etc., choose the company from the list and you can copy the same settings.

  • Client superuser, name: If you choose collaborative management in the Subscription section, this field will be enabled. This information will automatically create access for your customer. Just enter the name of your customer. If the company is managed internally, these fields are disabled.

  • Client Superuser, ID: same as the previous point. If you enable collaborative management, this field will show up and you will have to create a username for your client (maximum 6 characters).

  • Client Superuser, email: once again, if you enable collaborative management, you will have to enter the email of your customer, where he/she will receive all the access information.

Once you have filled in all the necessary information, click on Save. The company will be created. Once you created your company, Reviso will start invoicing your subscription.

Now your newly created company appears on your list of companies. In order to manage the company, click on the icon on the right side of your screen stating Administrate.

edit company information

How to unsubscribe a company from your administrator module?

You can unsubscribe companies from your administrator module whenever you want.

To unsubscribe a company, go to administrator module and enter the name of the company by clicking on the icon stating Manage. Once you are on the account of the company you wish to unsubscribe, go to the Settings > All settings > Subscription> Subscription status > Other options> Deregister subscription.

subscription status

The deregistration date will depend on the subscription dates. Example: If you subscribed for the quarterly subscription and unsubscribed in between the three months, you will have access to Reviso until the last day of the subscription. This company will continue appearing in your list of companies until the end of the subscription period.

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