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How to edit your Company Information

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Go to Settings > Company > Master Information.

Reviso use the contact email address to send you notifications and the 'Invoice email address' to send you our invoice. Other information is regarding your bank information, which will also appear on your invoices informing your customers which bank account you wish them to pay into. Also, please ensure you VAT Registration is correctly entered and not prefixed with GB etc, if your registration is not entered correctly your return will not be transmitted to HMRC successfully. The bank information is also used for bank remittances and payments of your customers and suppliers.

Edit the email address your Reviso invoice is sent to

The invoice for your quarterly subscription charge is sent from Reviso to the email address you enter and defined under the Master Information of your company. To access this information, go to Settings > All Settings > Company > Master Information. This can only be accessed by the superuser or if the superuser has given a user access to the Settings tab.

Here you can edit your Master Information including your e-mail. Just edit the field that states E-mail Reviso invoice to and add your new e-mail address.

email in reviso

From that moment on, you will be receiving invoices from Reviso on your newly defined e-mail.

Need to see previous Reviso invoices

Should you wish to see all invoices received from Reviso you can view these from within your Reviso agreement. Go to settings > all settings > subscription > subscription status > Other options > Show invoices from Reviso > here you will see the list of invoices and any reminders that have been sent directly to your email address.

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