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How to Edit Administrator/Accountant Details
How to Edit Administrator/Accountant Details

Edit your Administrator details, company information, website etc.

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If you want to work with Reviso administrator add-on module, you will have to set up your master information, in other words, information of your company/consultancy.

You can find it under Settings > All Settings > Company > Master information.

master information

It is very important that you enter the correct information since it is used throughout the platform. Firstly, Reviso will use this information for creating invoices. If you change your office address and you want the new invoices to be updated, you will have to update your master information. If you want to appear on our accountant list, this address will be posted on our website. The potential customers looking for an accountant will be able to access this information. We recommend you to set up the correct address and company details the first time you enter Reviso. This way any potential client looking for a bookkeeper/accountant can easily find you.

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