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What Is the Administrator-Module for?
What Is the Administrator-Module for?

How to give your accountant access to the Cloud Accounting subscription

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The Reviso Administrators menu option allows you to give access to your company to an external adviser or administrator. Reviso has clients, who are accountants and offer their accounting, tax or other services to companies. If you do not have an accountant/adviser and you need help with some accounting tasks, you can find someone, who works with the same application in our list of accountants. This facilitates collaboration between you and your accountant since both of you have access to all the data at any time. Find your own suitable accountant/adviser inside Reviso. Ask for collaboration and, if you reach an agreement, you will have to provide access to the consultant to your Reviso. Just go to Settings > All Settings > Company > Administrators. Select your accountant by name or identification number (this number can be provided by the accountant) and click on Provide access.

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Your accountant will receive an email with access information to your account. Now you can work simultaneously as well as collaboratively with data of your company, and both of you having your own tasks. If your accountant is not listed they can register via the Accountants Registration page.

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