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The following summary provides an overview of all the features of Reviso.

platform structure of reviso

Functions for Companies and Self-Employed

  • Sales: Creation of customers, quotations, orders, invoices, credit notes, various series of invoices. Creation of manual sales transactions via a journal based entry screen, this is used for recording the sales entries when the invoice itself is not required or has been created on a different platform. Reminders, unpaid invoices, the design of invoice templates.

  • Suppliers: Processing of supplier invoices and credit notes

  • Finance: journal entries, payroll journals, creation of journal templates etc

  • Payments: Customer receipts, supplier payments, bank reconciliation, created of bank accounts.

  • Reports: Generation of financial statements, profit and loss report, balance sheets, budget, ledger cards, aged debtors, sales and purchase statistics, and control account reconciliation

  • Add-on-Modules: Reviso provides you with a unique ability to grow alongside your business, so your needs are met and your expectations superseded. Add-on-Modules include dimensions/departments, project accounting, inventory, subscription, prepayments, accruals, and asset management.

Functions for Administrators

As an accountant or external bookkeeper, you will be given an online administrator module where you have access to your customers’ accounts.

  • Collaborative: Reviso allows you to work with clients much more easily and efficiently by providing the most complex tasks to the administrator and leaving the client with the simplest. Daily updated accounting data gives your client added value by working collaboratively, being able to check how his business is going on a daily basis.

  • Business management: Reviso enables you to create and manage as many companies as needed, being able to apply the configurations of an existing company to the new ones (account chart, VAT codes, etc.), or starting from scratch.

  • Activity Log: Actions performed in Reviso (access, edits, deletions, creations, etc.) are registered for every client and company. All of the information can be consulted at any time.

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