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Editing the account and text in posted/booked entries
Editing the account and text in posted/booked entries

How to edit certain information in a booked/posted entry

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Once you have posted/booked an accounting entry, this can be a purchase invoice, manual sales invoice (Sales> Manual invoices), or journal entry and until the accounting year has been closed, it’s possible to modify some data within the entry:

  • The account code within the invoice or journal.

  • The text/description entered.

How to modify an entry posting within Reviso

To modify the account code and the text in accounting entries within Reviso you will have to go to the list of entries and find the one you wish to edit.

You need to go to the corresponding tab, either within Finance (for journal accounting entries), Purchases (purchase invoices) or Sales (manual sales invoices).

To the right of each record you will see the Edit icon:

By clicking on the Edit option, the accounting record will open on screen with all your registered data. At the bottom of the new screen, you will find a button that will allow you to edit the data.

Once you press this button, the fields that can be edited in the entry or invoice will be enabled. Make the changes you need and click on the Save and close button to save the new data.

How to check the changes made to your posted/booked entries

All changes made to the entries or invoices posted are stored in the Log function under Reviso.

Within the Settings tab > All settings> Company> Log, you can filter by dates and locate the changes made to your accounting.

By clicking on the box far right you will then see the changes made to the original entry.

Please note that VAT codes cannot be changed. Should you need to change the VAT code you will need to reverse your original entry and then create a new one.

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