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Create a template for posting multiple line entries

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This article will show you how to create an entry, this could be a supplier invoice or a journal and save the template so it can be called up and used again. A good example of this is when you register payroll information or when you're processing a multiple line supplier invoice which is a regular transaction to more than one account code.

Create your entry, entering the various finance accounts, departments if you use these, vat code, text and amounts.

  • Click on save as new template

  • Create a name for your template for example the supplier name

  • Tick the boxes to save certain information, the system will automatically save the account code, so you can tick the vat code, departments if you're using these, etc

  • Save your template.

  • When you next process an invoice for this supplier click on Templates top left hand corner.

  • Select the template you created, the boxes will automatically fill, you can then enter the date, invoice number etc and save your entry.

The option to create templates is also available when processing journal entries. This is very useful for payroll journals which can be lengthy and used each month.

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