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How to Add or Unsubscribe Additional Users in your Admin Module
How to Add or Unsubscribe Additional Users in your Admin Module

Enable colleagues to access your clients within your administrator module

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Within your administrator module, you can create as many additional users as you need. There is only one superuser, who is in charge of the administrator module and can add additional users.

Create a new user

The superuser is able to create and restrict the access at any time.

To create a new user, go to the administrator module and click on Administrator > Users > New User. Fill in the required information and click OK.


The new user will automatically receive an e-mail with their access information. They can, later on, change the password. By default, the user will have access to all companies in the administrator module. The access can be limited so that each user has access only to companies he/she manages. Each user from the whole list of users has an icon on the right side of the screen stating Access to companies.

access to companies

By clicking on this option, you will be shown the list of all the companies that exist in your administrator module. Select only companies that relate to the user.

How to unsubscribe a user

If you wish to remove a user, access as a Superuser your administrator module and go to Administrator > Users. Select Edit next to the user you want to unsubscribe and fill in the date when you wish to cancel the user’s access to Reviso.

deregister date

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