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How to Create New Payment Terms

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Within the default setup payment terms are already created for you however, you may wish to create additional ones and apply these to your customers and suppliers. This short video shows you how:-

To create new terms of payment, go to Settings > All settings > Categories and units > Payment terms. Here you can find the terms set up by default as mentioned above.

terms of payment in reviso

In order to create new payment terms, click on New payment terms. The following window will appear:

new payment terms in reviso

Select adequate options depending on the type of payment terms you want to apply. Please note that not all fields are required.

How to apply new terms of payment on invoices that were issued?

Once you have created your own terms of payment, you can apply them to your customers.

payment terms in a customer invoice

When you register an invoice of a customer now, Reviso will automatically assign the payment terms you have selected, calculating the due date of the invoice based on that data.

payment terms applied automatically

How to apply new terms of payment on invoices that were received?

It works the same way as in the case of invoices that were issued.

Firstly, you should access your supplier’s account to select the adequate payment terms.

Once this is done, each time you save an invoice with that supplier, Reviso will automatically register the terms of payment linked to the provider.

The due date can be saved either automatically, or even manually.

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