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Create a new bank and financial account in Payments
Create a new bank and financial account in Payments

Link your bank account nominal codes and payment codes to Payments

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Before processing your customer receipts, supplier invoices & payments, and accessing bank reconciliation, you must enter information for at least one of your bank accounts. By registering your bank account here and linking it to the account within your chart of accounts it will then show in the bank selection when processing your payments/receipts and the bank reconciliation.

To register a bank account, go to Payments > Bank accounts > New bank account.

new bank account in reviso

Fill in the obligatory information on the left and add additional information on the right. The field Bank * shows you a list of banks to choose from. The same applies in the case of a country selection. If you do not find the bank you are looking for simply select the option ‘Cash’ you can then enter the rest of your details. This field does not interfere with your accounting. The field Account no. in Reviso* refers to the account. If you already uploaded your accounting plan, it would be easy to choose it from the list. Otherwise, you can create it manually on the fly. Create as many bank accounts as you need for your day to day business.

list of bank accounts in reviso

Now you can use your bank accounts alongside with all payment tasks in the Payment menu. In case you need to edit your bank account information, you can always return to this menu. When you’re ready to enter customer or supplier payments go to Payments > New Payment > select the type of payment you wish to enter and then select the bank account relating to the payment.

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