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Payments in foreign currencies
Payments in foreign currencies

How to process foreign currency payments and receipts

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Create a payment or receipt in a foreign currency

In Reviso it is possible to create or register customer and / or supplier invoices in foreign currency. By completing the procedure, it is also possible to register the payments or receipts of those invoices in a foreign currency.

How to register the receipt or payment of an invoice in a foreign currency

To register the receipt or payment of an invoice created in a foreign currency, you must follow the following steps:

1. Go to the Payment tab > Payments – select the bank account you wish to pay into or out of. (Remember that to register any transaction within the Payment tab it is necessary that, previously, you have registered at least one Bank Account).

2. Click on New entry – this is located at the top of the screen.

3. Select the corresponding Number Series for the entry, either a customer or supplier payment.

4. Select the Currency in which the invoice was issued in the fields at the top. You will see that the field of the current exchange rate appears, based on the date of the entry, and you will also see that a new column opens on the right for the amounts in the base currency used in your company.

5. You can manually enter the amounts you want to register. Entering in the debit and credit columns the amounts in the foreign currency selected at the top.
The right column will automatically be filled in with the amounts in the base currency, using the exchange rate shown at the top for its calculation.

6. If the invoice for which the receipt or payment is being registered is already entered in Reviso, we recommend that you do not enter the amounts manually but rather select the invoice registered in foreign currency and match it.
In this way, all the columns (debit, credit and currency) will be filled in automatically.

To do this, select your Customer or supplier in the second line of the entry and click on the Invoice field, this enables you to find the invoice for which you are registering the collection or payment.

Clicking on the Invoices icon will open a window with all the invoices pending collection or payment from that customer or supplier registered in the foreign currency selected at the top.

Select the invoice you want to match using the icon on the right and then click on the button at the top left ” Match selected “. You will see that, automatically, all the data that was missing to register your payment or collection entry has now been filled in.

In addition, you will be able to see that if there has been a difference due to the exchange rate, that is, if the exchange rate when the invoice was registered is different from the exchange rate when the receipt or payment occurred Reviso automatically generates an additional line with that difference and takes it to the account for the exchange rate variances/differences configured in your Chart of Accounts, if you have selected a default setup this account will be 7906.

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