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Supplier invoices in a Foreign Currency
Supplier invoices in a Foreign Currency

How to process a supplier invoice in a foreign currency

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How to post a purchase invoice in a foreign currency

To register a purchase invoice in a foreign currency in Reviso, you will simply have to select the currency you want to apply to your invoice at the time it is registered.

The way to register the supplier invoice, or purchase invoice, will be the same that you use to register an invoice with your base currency. Here you can see step by step how to register a supplier/purchase invoice.

The only difference is you will need to click on the Currency field when you are entering the purchase invoice and select the currency required.

When changing the currency, you will see that an additional field appears with the exchange rate corresponding to the day on which you are registering the invoice.

The amounts recorded will be amounts in the foreign currency. Then, in your general accounting, in your journal and reports, you will see that the amount is automatically converted to the amount in your base currency, the currency in which you usually enter and report in for your company.

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