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Apply Existing Configurations to a New Company
Apply Existing Configurations to a New Company

Copy an existing company template to a new company

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If you are an accountant of multiple companies and you work with our administrator module, you have the option to copy the default setup from one company to another. When you register a new company in your administrator add-on module, you will find a field called Default Setup. A drop-down menu with a list of a standard default setup as well as the list of the companies that you have created will appear. If you select one of the companies from the list, the same settings defined for the existing company will apply to the new one. This also includes the chart of accounts.

This is very useful when working with similar companies, which require almost the same configurations. Therefore, you will save time by not having to configure all your companies one by one. You will automatically see configurations of the existing company such as:

  • Chart of Accounts

  • Standard VAT codes

  • Customer‎, supplier and product‎ groups

  • Terms of payment

  • System accounts for automatic entries

  • Number series ‎for your invoice and entries records.

Once the company has been created and the default copied over you can then edit any areas should you need to.

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