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Keyboard Shortcuts

How to navigate the keyboard shortcuts

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If you prefer using the keyboard rather than the mouse, this article is for you.

In Reviso, we have a few keyboard shortcuts to speed up your work. Here is the list:

keyboard shortcuts

  • Arrows up and down: Scroll up and down using the arrows on your keyboard.

  • N: Press N create a new invoice, entry or payment pops up. It also serves to create new customers or suppliers.

  • Spacebar: Use the space bar on your keyboard to select items. This can be used in invoices, entries, bank reconciliation, etc.

  • E: When pressing the E key, you can directly edit the entry or element of your current focus. Scroll up and down with the arrows and edit what you need while using this keyboard shortcut. It allows you to edit your customers and suppliers information quickly.

  • C: The C key enables you to copy entries or records. Scroll with the arrows and find what you want to copy. Press C on your keyboard and an identical entry will be created.

  • Delete: This key allows you to delete records, whether they are entries, customers, products, etc. Just find the item and press delete.

  • A: The R key will help you to reverse entries, invoices or payments. Just find the record you want to reverse and press the R key. A new record will appear with the reversed data.

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