Benefits of working in the Cloud
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The concept of working in the cloud comes from Cloud Computing. It includes working with programs and applications that are not installed on our computers or are stored on external servers. While working in the cloud, we can access our data and cloud applications from anywhere as well as from any device, not depending on having our computer with us all the time. There are several Cloud Computing Service Models, but in Reviso, we focus on SaaS (Software as a Service).The SaaS model uses a program / an application offered by its creator online so that several customers can use it anywhere and anytime while maintaining the privacy and security of all their data. The user just pays for the use of the application. This includes, normally within the same price, all the necessary infrastructure for the correct operation (such as data storage, backups, etc.) and the correct maintenance (updates, correction of errors, new versions, etc).

Advantages of the Cloud and Saas

  • Fewer costs: The SaaS model allows the customer to pay only for what he /she needs. It is not necessary to purchase an annual license with thousands of features since we might not be sure whether the application completely serves our needs. Additionally, the Saas saves a lot on maintenance of the platform, which is done by the service provider.

  • Zero initial investments: Regarding applications in the Cloud, it is not necessary to make big initial investments, which usually consist of huge efforts when starting a company. It is not necessary to purchase licenses, installations, servers or even technical personnel.

  • Immediate and automatic updates and upgrades: Application updates occur automatically and continuously, without us even realizing it. The software is under continuous maintenance and development so that the user benefits from all improvements and updates without being affected when simultaneously using the application.

  • Agile and fast maintenance: Any bug that occurs in the application is directly treated by the technicians. The solution is reached much faster than in the classic in-house desktop.

  • Time-saving: By not having to deal with maintenance, updates, backups and more, we have extra time to deal with what is really important to us: our business.

  • Better data security: It is not easy for small and medium-sized businesses to have large infrastructures with external servers, where they perform continuous backups. Software as a Service offers a service provider with a large infrastructure, who does all the work for us. For better or worse, in case of a hardware failure or an accident in the office, our data will always remain safe.

  • Available globally: Our data can be accessed by login from any device such as computer, mobile phone, or tablet anywhere in the world as long as we have access to the Internet.

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