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How Can I Export Data from Reviso?

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Reviso, by being in the cloud, allows you to forget about backing up.

The backups are made by us, continuously as you work, keeping your data secure on our servers. You might want to export your data from time to time, either for verification or offline purposes, or because you want to import your data to another system.

How do I export my Reviso data?

Note that all these exports are downloaded in Excel files or CSV format. To export the data, go to Settings > All settings> Company > Export data.

export data

You have two options regarding data export.

  1. The first option allows you to download all at once (all Excel files with your data). All Excel files will be then sent to superuser’s email.

  2. The second option allows you to download the files individually. This is useful if you want to check only a particular file. You can just download it since it will not be sent via e-mails.

To specify the information you want to download, select your preferred dates range. If you leave these fields blank, the data will be downloaded from all your accounting years.

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