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Small balances on customer/supplier ledgercards
Small balances on customer/supplier ledgercards

How to clear/write off a minor customer/supplier balance

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If you need to write off a minor customer or supplier under or overpayment balance you can do this very easily within Reviso.

Firstly you will need to make sure you have an account within your chart of accounts to accommodate this or know which already created account you wish the balance to go to. If you have a default setup this is normally 8100. Alternatively, you can create a new account within your chart of accounts.

To clear the entry from the customer or supplier ledgercard the entry needs to be processed as a payment so, you will need to set this up. Go to Payments > Bank Accounts > New Bank Account. Select Cash > enter the account you wish the amount to be posted to, in the case of a customer write off, select 8100 (this is the account in a default chart of accounts) and save.

Once this is created, still on the Payments tab, Select Payments > from the Bank Account option select the account you have just created, then click on New entry….

You can now select Customer payments and then link to the under or overpayment transaction within invoices. Should you need to view the impact of this transaction before posting, once created you can save the entry and view within reports prior to booking.

For supplier invoice write offs you can create a new nominal code to post the minor balances to or post to the account the supplier invoice was originally posted to.

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