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The Balance Sheet

How Can I Access My Balance Sheet?

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The balance sheet is one of the main reports that every company needs.

To access your balance sheet, go to Reports > Financial statements > Balance sheet.

where to access balance sheet in reviso

To see the report, select dates and options you prefer. Click on OK and the balance sheet will appear on your screen.

balance sheet uploaded

It is possible to download the list in PDF, Excel or directly print it out, just choose whatever you prefer.

What to do with non-booked entries?

Sometimes when you request a balance sheet, it may happen that a warning message appears on the top of the screen.

warning message when accessing balance sheet in reviso

This means that there are a few account entries that have yet to be booked in your balance sheet, these will draft entries awaiting booking. This can happen for two reasons:1. Your accounts regarding expenses and income are not registered as a balance sheet type within your chart of accounts. To correct this, go to your chart of accounts, find the excluded account and select the icon stating edit. Change the type of the account by selecting balance sheet.2. The entry has yet to be booked/posted. This means that the entry/entries are sat in your system as draft entries. All draft entries can be viewed in reports by ticking the box ‘Include non-booked entries’ this gives you a preview of the impact of any draft entry that can then be edited/changed prior to booking.

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