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How to create document folders/categories

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At the top of the Documents tab, you will find an option called Categories. This section of the application will be your document manager whereby you can save any relevant documents relating to your company. The categories will serve you as different folders in Reviso, where you can add any document you send or upload to Reviso. Remember that documents you link to your accounting entries, customer or supplier invoices will be linked and saved next to the entry, so they will not be stored in any of your categories. The categories (folders), will be used to store other documents, which are related to the company but not for accounting operations.

Create a new category

To create a new category or folder within your documents, go to Documents > Categories and click on New category.

categories of documents

Create as many categories as you need to organize your documents in the most efficient way.

Categorize documents within folders or categories

Once you upload a document, in order to save it to a different folder, you must select the Inbox option. A drop-down menu will show you a list of categories/folders you created. Select the one of your preference and the document will be saved in that category.

Categorize documents within folders or categories

Find documents in your folders

When you want to see the documents you stored in one of your categories, go to Documents > Documents. At the top of the screen, you can select the category/folder. Depending on the category you select, you will see all the documents you saved in that folder.

Find documents in your folders

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