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How does the Document section work
How does the Document section work
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The documents tab serves as an unlimited storage in the cloud. Just link the documents to your entries and you will never lose anything.

Additionally, you can enter your entries/invoices from the document itself. This feature makes you even faster and more efficient.

How to send documents to your Reviso?

Each subscription has a personal and unique email address associated with it, which you can see once entering the Documents tab.

documents tab

You have several options to submit your documents:

  1. Send them via e-mail to your unique Reviso address

  2. Download our mobile app and take a photo of the document.

  3. Click on Upload in the upper right corner and find the document on your computer.

  4. Drag the document from your computer into space for documents within the Documents tab.

Either way, your documents will appear within the Documents tab.

options under documents tab

Create entries/invoices within the Documents tab

You can find several options next to the stored documents.

attach documents in reviso

Please read below about the options you have:

  • Journal Entry: will open the screen for creating new entries along with the document attached to it.

  • Manual customer invoice: creates invoices issued to customers along with the document attached to it.

  • Supplier Invoice creates invoices received from suppliers with the attached document.

  • Payment: Upload your payments fast and easy way.

  • Existing Entry: This option allows you to link the file to an already existing entry. You can use the search engine to find the suitable entry from the list.

  • Inbox: By default, your document is saved in the inbox. However, you can move it to another folder that you have previously created. This option will open a drop-down menu, where all your other folders are displayed, so you can select the corresponding one. This document will be stored without being linked to any of your accounting records.


At the top of the Documents tab, you will find an option called Categories.

These categories represent different document folders you create in Reviso. You can set up as many categories as you need, so your documents are organized in the most suitable way.

Import Log

Import log shows your document history such as when the documents were sent to Reviso as well as the name of the file.

The option next to the document allows you to download it anytime.

Contact us for any questions or queries you may have, we will be happy to assist.

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