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Enter manual customer invoices

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Manual Invoices: Enter Information about already Issued Invoices

Reviso is an accounting and invoicing application, however, you may be creating your sales invoicing outside of the application in which case you will need to record the sales transaction within the system for your account records.

You can do this two ways depending on whether you need to record the entry against a customer or, you may just need to record the entry against the sales account.

If you need to record the entry against the customer you would use the option Manual Customer invoices.

You can see how to create this transaction in this short video:

How to enter information about already issued invoices?

In order to create entries of already issued invoices, go to Manual invoices, which you can find under Sales > Manual invoices > Manual invoices. Click on New entry and enter all the information you want to register. You can also attach a file to the accounting entry, so the invoice is linked to a concrete document.

When entering the Finance account, if you tab across the fields the system will automatically fill in the boxes for you….

enter issued invoice in reviso

Select the customer from your list of customers (or create it on the fly), enter the invoice number, the date of the invoice and the full amount. Subsequently, add the appropriate account and select the VAT code that has been previously applied to that invoice. If the invoice had two different VAT’s, you would have to add a second accounting line to enter the part of the invoice that would have a different VAT. Here is an example of an entry with two VAT codes.

Once you enter all the necessary data, click on Save and the entry will be registered.

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