How Reviso billing works

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Do I get an invoice if I sign up for the trial period?

No, you will not receive any invoices, the trial period is free of charge until it naturally deregisters at the end of the 14 day trial period.

When will I be billed if I subscribe to a paid subscription?

After confirming the purchase of the subscription you will then be billed for the subscription.

What will I be charged on my first bill immediately after subscribing?

An invoice will be issued for the quarter in which you registered your subscription. If you register your subscription halfway through a quarter you will be invoiced accordingly based on the dates. The following quarter you will be invoiced for the full quarter.

Who is the biller for the Reviso subscription?

Reviso issues the invoice for all UK customers.

How can I see the Reviso subscription invoices?

To view and download the invoices, credit notes, and payment reminders sent to you, follow these steps:

  • Click All Settings

  • Click Subscription → Subscription Status → More Options

  • Select "View Reviso Invoices" from the drop down menu

In the list that appears, you can click any document you sent to view the PDF in another browser window.

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