How to subscribe to Reviso

How to take out a trial and then upgrade to a subscription

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To register yourself in Reviso you have two options: create a new company, or, turn your test company into a real version.

Here, you can watch a short video which takes you through the process:-

Creating a new company

If you prefer to register a new company from the start, please go to our subscription page.

sign up form to Reviso

Fill in all the mandatory information marked in yellow and continue the registration process until the end of the purchase. You will receive an email confirming the registration as well as your company’s access data to log into Reviso. Log into our website and start working right away. If you did not receive the email even after a few minutes after registration, please check your folder with spam. It may occur that our emails end up among spam if you do not have our email address at first.

Upgrade your trial

You can only upgrade a trial to a subscription if you have taken out a trial without test data as this trial option has test data booked/posted which cannot be deleted.

If you start using the Reviso free trial and want to continue after your free trial expires, we can convert your trial to a subscription plan. Your access information will remain and the services will not be blocked after the 14 days of free trial. If you enter relevant data of your company to the trial version of Reviso and want to subscribe for one of our subscription plans, just upgrade your trial version. Once your trial period comes to an end, you will see the following message when accessing your business:

upgrade your trial

Click on Upgrade and your company will be subscribed to Reviso and later you will receive your invoice. If you have any further questions, please contact us via e-mail or call us at 08456 800 473. Your access information will remain the same as the ones you had with your trial version but keep in mind that your password can be changed at any time.

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