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Subscription plans and pricing policy
Subscription plans and pricing policy
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What types of subscription does Reviso offer?

We offer two different types of subscription:

  • Small: includes invoicing, accounting, reports, tax and documentation with up to 4,000 accounting entries per accounting year for £20 per month.

  • Standard: offers the identical functions as the small subscription, but the number of entries per accounting year is 10,000 for £35 per month.

  • Clients with over 10,000 transaction pa the subscription is increased by £35 per month pro rata.

Why does the price vary based on accounting entries?

Our experience shows that the number of accounting entries created in Reviso, in other words, the level of activity of each company, is closely linked to the load carried by our systems.

We believe the higher the number of entries is, the more complex the company becomes. Therefore, the greater the benefits when using Reviso.

What is an accounting entry?

The accounting entry refers to every transaction, which is recorded in the bookkeeping system while using a double entry. Any double entry in accounting is composed of at least two records: debit and credit entry. Credit entry refers to a credit that is made and debit entry to a charge or debt that is paid. For example, a sales invoice to a customer with a total amount of £1,200 with 20% VAT generates three accounting entries:

  • A debit entry of £1,200 to the customer’s account

  • A credit entry in the amount of £1,000 to the income account

  • A sum of £200 to the VAT account

More complex accounting records obviously generate a higher number of accounting entries.

Is the number of accounting entries based on my accounting year or the calendar year?

The number of accounting entries is determined according to the accounting year, regardless of whether or not it coincides with the calendar year. Example: We started with the Small subscription and created our accounting year from June 1 to May 31. During this period we created up to 4,000 accounting entries. If this amount is exceeded before May 31, for example by recording 4,500 entries, the subscription would be automatically converted to the upper plan, in this case, the Standard subscription, as soon as the first 4,000 entries are exceeded.

Do unaccounted transactions affect my subscription?

No, the accounting entries that are saved but not posted are not taken into account. Each saved entry is kept in the section of reports. Until being posted, they are considered as draft entries, since they can be deleted. Therefore, they are not added to the entries of the accounting year.

Can I change my subscription from Standard to Small?

No, it is not possible to change the subscription plan from Standard to Small once you have exceeded the accounting limit of each subscription plan. However, if your company needs to change the subscription from one year to another, you can contact us and we will help you to find the best subscription plan for you.

If I exceed the stipulation limit for my subscription, will I automatically switch to the next level?

Yes, your subscription will automatically convert to the next level.

If the number of accounting entries for your subscription is exceeded in the middle of a quarter, for which the payment has already been made, you will see a price adjustment on the next invoice you receive:

  • You will find a credit in your favour for the price paid in the old subscription type.

  • You will find a debt regarding the new subscription type, counted from the same day when the change was made.

Example: With the Small plan I have a limit of 4,000 entries per accounting year for £20 per month. On January 1st, I received and paid my quarterly invoice for January, February and March. On March 15, I exceeded the amount of 4,000 entries and my subscription automatically changed to the Standard plan. The Standard plan costs £ 25 a month. Invoice regarding the 2nd quarter will include the following: Small plan credit (March 15 – March 31): – £10.00
Standard Plan (March 15 – March 31): £17.50
Standard Plan (1 April – 30 June): £75.00

How can I find out what kind of subscription I have?

You can check your subscription plan inside the application under All Settings > Subscription > Subscription Status.

How can I see how many accounting entries I have created?

The number of created entries can be viewed on the application under All Settings > Finance > Accounting Years > Number of transactions.

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