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How to Use the Project Accounting Add-on Module
How to Use the Project Accounting Add-on Module
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With Reviso’s Project accounting add-on module, you can create projects as well as activities within projects e.g. planning, installation, etc. You can also assign hours, mileage, expenses and material costs to the projects you have created. You can accomplish an individualized management of all your projects while being able to visualize, which projects are the most successful and profitable.

This module enables you to register your activities and costs, which you can align with the relevant project.

Additionally, project accounting provides you with an overview of the costs regarding your employees. Your employees can access this tool and submit a number of hours they dedicated to each project.

Employees may also report any additional costs incurred during the project including mileage costs. We recommend you to try it yourself since this add-on module provides a broad variety of functions useful for project management.

Sign up for our free online and interactive presentation. These presentations show how to use our project accounting add-on module to give you an overall idea of its features and functions. In addition, you are welcome to ask questions.

How much does project accounting cost?

Please see the price list on our website. Project accounting add-on module is disabled by default, so in case you wish to activate it, please do so as indicated below.

If you want to try this feature before purchasing it, you can do so by contacting us at and we will enable a trial version for you.

How to activate project accounting?

To activate the project accounting add-on module, go to Settings > All Settings > Subscription > Additional modules. Find Project accounting in the list of add-on modules and click on the Edit icon on the right side of your screen, then check Access and click on Save.

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