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How to activate or remove additional modules from your subscription.

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How Can I Activate Add-on Modules in Reviso

In Reviso we offer several additional modules that you can activate whenever you please. Some of them are free of charge and others have an additional cost. We recommend you to check our prices to see the associated costs.

How to add additional modules?

Just have a look at the video tutorial....

To register an additional module you must go to Settings > All Settings > Subscription > Add-on modules. You will find the list of all the additional modules available.

list of add on modules

In order to register any of the add-on modules, click on the Edit icon that you can see on the right side of each module and window, where you can activate the access will pop up.

access to add-on module

Check the Access box and click Save. Update your browser and additional features will be automatically available. In case you wish to cancel the add-on module, go to the Edit icon and uncheck the Access box. You will no longer see the additional features in your subscription.

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