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View emails sent out from your Reviso agreement

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The option enables you to view emails sent out from the system to a specific email address on a specified date. If you leave all the boxes blank and click ok you will see all emails sent to all email addresses for all dates.

These can be sales orders, quotations, invoices, reminders, statements etc. It will show you the status of the email if delivered, queued of failed.

When charging your customers, Reviso enables you to send them invoices via e-mail whenever you need to. Reviso saves records of these sent e-mails, so you can check anytime.

emails sent

Once you define your preferences, click OK. If you want to see the whole list of sent e-mails, leave all the search fields blank and click OK.

list of emails

As you can see on your list of sent e-mails, the column called Status shows you, if your e-mail has been sent, received or even opened by your customer. Icons that appear on the right side allow you to resend an e-mail as well as see to which recipient it was sent. It is very useful since you can check if it was sent to the right person or e-mail address.

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