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Who is Reviso
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Reviso is an accounting and taxation service in the cloud, designed and built to meet challenges of the global market and facilitate cooperation between companies, freelancers, accountants, consultants and all those involved in the life cycle of the company.

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Reviso is multi

  • Multi-company: It is possible to manage one or more companies at the same time.

  • Multi-user: Each company can set more than one user with access to the information. Access permissions can be defined for each user. A user may have access to all or just a few functions.

  • Multi-currency: Accounting documents and records can be managed in a foreign currency (the value of the daily exchange rate is automatically proposed by banking services).

  • Multilingual: all texts are displayed in the language set by the user (Spanish, English, Italian, French, …)

Reviso is collaboration

Reviso facilitates collaboration among all those involved in the life cycle of the company (employees, administrators, consultants). Each user has a defined role, which allows him/her to manage various tasks within the company and analyse the results.

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Reviso is flexible, open and extensible

All data managed by Reviso can be imported/exported through Excel files at any time.

Accounting can be easily introduced into the system due to automation of data and accounting templates, which are adjusted to your personal preferences.

Developers can extend the functions of Reviso through integrations with other systems (e.g. CRM, E-commerce, etc.).

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