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How to Access the Department Profit/Loss Report
How to Access the Department Profit/Loss Report

How to run/produce a Department Profit/Loss Report

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A Profit & Loss account Report can be run via the Report tab and if you have selected to use Departments to further analyse your expenses you can also run a more detailed. report.

In order to view the Department’s Profit/Loss Report, you must have done the following:

  1. Activate your Dimension add-on module (department)

  2. Create your departments

  3. Save your entries/invoices by distributing your income and expenses to the department you created.

Department Profit/Loss Report

Once you have completed the previous steps, go to Reports > Financial statements > Department profit/loss.


Enter the date range to access the report. Depending on your preferences, you can select other options to filter the results. Click OK and you will be able to see your list of revenues and expenses distributed to each department.

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