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Matching invoices with Payments – Clearing Open Entries
Matching invoices with Payments – Clearing Open Entries

How to match invoices with payments that have already been processed

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Clearing Open Entries

When you process a customer or supplier payment you should match the payment with the relevant invoice, if you don’t then the payment will still appear on the customer or supplier’s account as a payment on account until it’s matched with the invoice.

This process is called ‘Matching’ and until this is completed the invoice concerned will appear as an Open item or entry. If you have ever ran an aged debtor or aged creditor report and seen invoices that have been paid and the payment still listed then this is why, they need to be matched and they will then clear from the report.

If you haven’t matched the invoice with the payment then you can do this at a later stage by locating the customer or supplier and clicking on the far right icon Open entries

Tick the box against the payment and the invoices the payment is clearing then select match selected, a popbox will appear and click ok to confirm…

This will then clear any unmatched invoices with payments. If you have sales invoices appearing on your Home tab which you know have been paid they by matching they will clear down from by performing this process.

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