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Can I delete the data and start again?
Can I delete the data and start again?

Booked/posted data cannot be deleted what to do if you need to start over.

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When invoices, accounting entries, payments or collections are posted in Reviso, they cannot be deleted. Once an entry is booked/posted it is locked down in the audit trail and cannot be deleted. If you want to start from scratch you will have to request a new subscription.

NOTE: here is a link to an article that may be of help to you in understanding how Reviso works. Differences between Save and Post. We hope it can be useful to avoid possible future errors.

How to start from scratch if your data is on a free trial subscription

You can request another free trial and start from scratch from our website. Reviso free trial.

How to start from scratch if your data is in a definitive paid subscription

To start with Reviso from scratch when you already have a definitive paid subscription, you will have to carry out the following 3 steps:

1. You will have to request a new subscription from our website. New Reviso subscription.

2. Unsubscribe your first subscription to be removed. To unsubscribe, log in to the company and go to the All settings tab > Subscription > Subscription status > Other options > Cancel subscription.

3. Send us an email to, or contact us by chat, and tell us the contract number of your old and new company, so we can adjust the possible payments made so far.

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