Once you request a free trial or a real version, the first time you access your subscription, our setup wizard will automatically pop up to guide you through the configuration of your account.

Taka a look at the following video tutorial....

Configuration Process

The configuration is a short and simple process of 3 steps to follow, which will help you to get your configuration ready and start working immediately.

Please follow the steps below:

Assistance initiation

A welcome message that suggests you start the setup wizard.

Step 1

Fill in the information of your company. Name, address and contact details, VAT registration number etc. This information will be shown on invoices to your customers. You can also edit them later.

Step 2

Create the necessary basic settings of your account. You can select a default company setup, this saves a lot of time and automatically installs customer and supplier groups, VAT codes, chart of accounts etc.

Step 3

Create your first accounting year so you can start entering records.

Ready to start

Once the setup wizard is completed, you can start using Reviso.

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