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How to raise a delivery note and/or a packing list

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Packing lists and delivery notes

When a customers order is ready for delivery, a packing list and/or delivery note can be sent and included in the merchandise shipment.

In order to be able to print the delivery and a packing list it's necessary to transfer the customer orders to the delivery option.

Go to the Sales menu > Orders > select the order and tick the box to the left and click on Transfer to delivery option.

The popup box will appear, here you can select available or all products and, the location of the goods if you have different warehouse locations, then click OK.

The order will then be placed within the Delivery menu option.

Here you can select the delivery note and then click on the far right icon Register for delivery. A popup box will appear, check the quantity for delivery and the location if you have created various locations and then click Ready for delivery (if you click save it will save the item for delivery later).

Once clicked, the screen close, you can then select the delivery note again by ticking the box on the far left and then select to Print delivery notes. A confirmation box appears stating the number of the delivery note, confirm this and you will then see the delivery note which you can then print off.

Once printed you can return to your Sales order screen, you will see the recently delivered order now stating Full under the Delivery column. If you had entered a lesser amount delivered than ordered the Delivery column would state Partial and you could then return to the order to complete the final delivery of the goods when ready.

You can transfer your order to invoicing based on full and partial deliveries.

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