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Yearend Procedures
Yearend Procedures
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How to create a new accounting year

Just go to the Settings > All Settings > Finances> Accounting years.

accounting years

At the top of the screen you can see an option New accounting year. Click on it and fill in the required information.

new accounting year

Click on Save and the accounting year is created. Now you can start entering invoices and entries relevant to the accounting year.

You can create as many accounting years as you need, but keep in mind that the accounting years must be correlative. You will not be able to create an accounting year at a later stage if there is one already closed regarding the next period.

Barred accounting periods

When you create an accounting year, it is automatically divided into monthly periods. You can check the accounting periods by clicking on the icon on the right stating Periods.


Once you access the periods, you will see a complete list of the corresponding months. Additionally, you might notice a column labelled Barred.

The barred periods give you the possibility to block the entry of records. Reviso will not allow you to create invoices or entries within those dates or excluded periods. This helps to avoid accounting errors. For example, if you have already reported monthly or quarterly figures you can closed down a period or periods to avoid any further transactions being posted into those months, then you need to check the barred box.

list of periods

The Status column still states Open, since the accounting year is open. The entry of records was blocked only for some dates, but the accounting year remains open.

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