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Exclude/include non reported items in VAT Return option
Exclude/include non reported items in VAT Return option

The impact of excluding/including non reported items when running your VAT report

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When running your VAT Return you have several options. Firstly, enter the date parameters and select the VAT scheme you report by. You can include non booked entries, this allows you to see the impact of any draft entries relating to the period selected prior to booking them. Please note you cannot submit a VAT Return to HMRC which contains draft entries so this option should not be ticked when you're ready to submit. If it is ticked you will not see the option to Mark as reported.

The other option is to Exclude non reported items from a prior period. This option can be ticked if you are coming from another system and imported your transactions and in doing so have already reported prior entries.

If you have already used Reviso to submit prior vat returns then this option should not be ticked as any transactions processed relating to a prior period which were not included in your previous vat return will not be included.

If, for any reason these should not have been entered you will need to reverse the entries prior to submission and then re-run your vat return.

The report will should a message stating Amounts with asterisks (*) include entries from previous periods that have not yet been reported. You can click on the amount to the right of the report, this will show all entries making up the total and prior period entries will appear at the top of the list for you to check.

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